Latest Result: Thame United 3-2 Winchester City




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Bracknell Town 2-0 Winchester City

on Sat 20 Jul

Another decent game against a side stacked full of much higher league talent and an infrastructure that is way above the level they are playing at, they will be right up there at end of season! Ultimately we lost 2-0 but that doesn’t paint a true story on it, as often pre season games don’t, a raft of changes in the 2nd half and about 10 yard offside 2nd goal adds a bit to the picture, at half time 0-0 we were much the better side and so we take plenty of positives from the game. Don’t get me wrong there were negatives in there as well and plenty to learn from, however that was a very good workout for our boys! 

Thanks to Bracknell for the game, although not providing any food whatsoever after left a sour taste, for all their analysis and off field activity they have going on to not even do a plate of sandwiches or something..... we had lads travel well over 2 hours to the game and I think that is poor, put it this way, I would be ashamed if we ever did that, not that we would. 

Anyway... shame we lost but take it from me, loads to be pleased about today.

Onto an extremely hard game next against an excellent Havant & Waterlooville side on Tuesday! Look forward to it.

Up the citizens!






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