Winchester City 1-3 CirencesterTown




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Cinderford Town 0-0 Winchester City

on Sat 27 Apr

Well what a great effort that was!! I said to the lads that we leave every ounce of effort and have zero regrets walking off that pitch and that is what they do, the mutual admiration for the players from the fans and for the fans by the players said it all (videos of that on Twitter....) we had absolutely brilliant support there today as always and I am just so sad that we didn’t quite get that goal we deserved and needed! Absolutely zero regrets from any of the boys, immensely proud of them all, 6th or 16th..... I will take 6th, 70 points, record equalling FA cup run rather than 16th that’s for sure thanks, for now we are all gutted but no doubt these boys have been brilliant!!

So we went into the game playing the same team as Monday, unfortunately IK pulled up in the warm up and so his option was not there for us on the bench (despite being named). We had a very clear plan on what we would do, how we would approach it and what changes we would make and when.... I can hand on heart say it went absolutely to plan, we timed the changes just right and went at them like a steam train late on but couldn’t get that goal which was the only part of the master plan that just fell short. 

1st half was a fairly tight affair, we hit the post from Rawks but that was the only really close effort for either side. 

2nd half we left it as we had for 10/15 minutes before bringing Ty on up front and going to a diamond in midfield, this is the way they play and so we matched it up and got an extra forward on, we were causing them problems but no goal... then we knew that with 10 minutes to go we would push Josh Harfield up and only leave 3 at the back, this caused more havoc and we had lots of pressure on them with them just hacking it away, then the big chance with Simba hitting a snapshot from close range that hit the inside of the post and went out. Also what looked a pen as well that was waived away after Oli was fouled and somehow booked for diving!! Then a flurry of about 5/6 corners in the dying minutes, they clung on and we had to take the disappointment of missing out by a whisker! 

Many congratulations to Cinderford, the only side who have been on a similar run to us, I wish them well for the play offs, a very decent side who have been 15 unbeaten, we absolutely gave them a tough game and they admitted we were the better side. 

I must say one thing, the character and gracious way my lads took today shows them as the real people that I know they are, no drama or distasteful behaviour in spite of their disappointment! I honestly am very proud of the way we took that, an amazing group of lads who I am very lucky to have playing for me as they do! 

Similarly the fans, they also took the disappointment with absolute class, they deserved more than we could give them in the end, top class and so hugely appreciated by me and all of us! 

I will maybe post a bit of an end of season notes in the coming days/week or so, for now though as always I wouldn’t hide after a game and wanted to post my thoughts.

Sorry we couldn’t quite get it done today, I know you know we gave it a right good go though! 

See you all soon hopefully! 

Up the citizens! 







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