Latest Result: Thame United 3-2 Winchester City




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Evesham 1-0 Winchester City

on Sat 24 Mar

Absolutely gutted with today!! I am not going to sound like a broken record or be labelled as being too positive and so will keep it short. 

Hopefully the supporters who were there will be able to give a view on the performance and the fact our boys were superb for majority of the game, playing against a good side but we looked a very good side ourselves! 1 lapse defensively and failure to convert a number of ours cost us, it’s as simple as that! 

We have to keep heads up, I believe in this group of players and anyone who is close to them or sees their interaction together, they care about the club and are giving everything. 

We will train hard again now this week and let’s see what we can do next weekend now! 

Up the citizens!







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