Latest Result: Thame United 3-2 Winchester City




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on Wed 12 Aug

Another really good step for us tonight, again utilising 22 players, we didn’t involved Flooks, Gilbert, Carr, Balmer, Hayward, Max Smith and Prycey for a variety of reasons, main one being we were keen to see the lads who have been trialling with us for another 45 minutes each, so every player had 45 minutes with another mixed up set of line ups.

To be honest Fareham were a good honest Wessex league side who were going fully at it to win the game, they played some good stuff but really didn’t overly hurt us most of the night, they played some good stuff though. We did play some good football at times but it was a very bitty display that’s for sure, we came in 0-0 and had created some good stuff but not overly hurting them.

2nd half we were a lot better I thought and went ahead with a brilliant finish by Josh McCormick after good work by experienced striker Graham Purdy and Baz! Should have had a few more really but late on Fareham got a pen and despite it being saved they followed up to equalise, a touch harsh on our lads but they had stuck in there well.

All in all a very good night work, we welcome back most players now from Saturday onwards and the tests ramp up, starting with Bedfont from step 4 on their 4G on Saturday, we look forward to that!

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