Frome 2-0 Winchester City




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Merthyr Town 1-4 Winchester City

on Sat 22 Sep

For a variety of reasons I’m not saying much tonight but maybe will in coming days.

All I will say is that group of players and staff are absolutely working their socks off for this club and have done everything I have ever asked them to do, any training, any tactic we come up with, literally given me everything with no questions asked! 

Many much maligned lads including from within have pulled off an extraordinary performance despite most playing through injuries, plus a whole host missing through injuries etc, I will let others comment on the rest.

Fans absolutely unbelievable, players phenomenal and you both deserve every bit of praise you get! 

Proud of everything we did as a club/group today, even as far as the conduct of the whole group in the face of the farcical coach breakdown situation! I must also say a big thanks to Merthyr Town as a club for their warm welcome while we waited 4 hours for the coach to be repaired! 

Well done all.







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