Frome 2-0 Winchester City




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Salisbury 2-2 Winchester City

on Tue 10 Apr

Very proud of the boys tonight, showed immense character and spirit which I know we have in an abundance, plus no little skill and quality to push Salisbury back for majority of 2nd half and get a deserved leveller and nearly win it! 

We were without Liam Gilbert which was a big blow but his high level coaching commitments meant he had to miss one of the games this week sadly due to their own backlog, this resulted in us trying something slightly different which we had worked on with 3 at the back... sadly I am not too proud to say that turned out to be a bad decision as we looked a bit all at sea early on, one thing I will say is their 2 goals were very scrappy and nothing to do with the shape and in fact we had a couple of very good chances, however we didn’t look as comfortable as we thought we would, sometimes you have to scrap best laid plans and we did that and immediately that change seemed to throw Salisbury a bit and we got on top in latter part of the half but with an uphill task ahead at 2-0 down. 

We told them to keep believing and stay patient as I knew we had more than enough quality to cause them problems, that’s how it proved with us putting in a superb 45 minutes and getting a goal from a free kick by me saved and Ads finished well, then a last ditch block on the line from me and several other half sniffs at goal, we had to throw caution to the wind, and put Josh up to cause problems, this allowed them a few breaks that could have killed us but good defending and goalkeeping and one poor finish kept us alive. We then popped up with an equaliser from a Barron corner headed in by Josh, 2-2!! 4 minutes to go! After that it was a bit end to end but Jamie Barron hit the bar with a chip and the one other real chance fell to us with Oli nearly getting away and then rob Carr cross nearly giving us the 3 points! In the end it finished 2-2 after defending a late corner!

A cracking game, another one after the epic 5-4 loss, this was not as dramatic but showed what a good side we are to have ran them so close twice! Immensely proud to see how hard our lads worked for us, it’s a mad week ahead and to see the efforts they are going to for me and the club is first class! 

Next stop Totton away, we know how hard that one will be, we will go there with some tired bodies after that sort of end to end game but I can’t wait to get them there and see what we can do again! 

Well done boys and well done the fans who were there shouting us on! I apologise for sounding so happy after only getting a point but bearing in mind the Calibre of player they have at disposal which is quite ridiculous at this level in truth, to more than match them makes me proud, we are building something sustainable and whilst it’s not instant success, I feel happy knowing we are not a million miles off!

Roll on Thursday!

Up the citizens!







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