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Squad for 2019/20 season

on Thu 16 May

It’s that time of the year where we have to play a waiting game and unable to get any forms signed until late in June, however it’s free-for-all season for managers at our level to try and get agreements in place for players. 

As you can imagine our players have been much sought after this year, everyone knows that financially other sides can offer a lot more than they will ever get with us... thankfully we have an incredibly special group who want to stick together and play for me/us and I have been able to agree with a number of players who will be a part of things next year. We are still working on new signings and also confirming with a lot of our players who will be hopefully returning. 

So far we have made agreement on the following players who will be with us next season.

Ryan Pryce
Brendan Norris 
Joe Hayward
Danny King
Rob Flooks 
IK Hill
Jake Rawkins 
Jamie Barron 
Graham Williams
Tyrell Mitford 
Ollie Griggs 

George Short will hopefully finally be able to get back to fitness and make his 2nd debut with the club in pre season. Can’t wait to hopefully work with him at long last.

That’s not a bad start, I won’t be answering any individual questions about other players both existing and new signings publicly, however rest assured we are in a pretty good place with any names you notice are missing! 

I will update as we go along. 

Hope you are all missing the football, won’t be long and we will be back! 




Just to add to that, Simba Mlambo has also confirmed he will be returning next season, it is the 6th season he has now played for me and I couldn’t hope for a better more unassuming bloke! Had a fantastic season and delighted he is back as I am sure all of our supporters will be.






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