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Terry Bone (news article)

on Wed 3 Oct

Terry Bone who died on Tuesday was a great stalwart of Winchester and local football as a whole.  On speaking to him it became apparent that his association with Winchester City football club when he was barely school age and even two days before his death he was posting on the club forum where was amongst the top two or three most regular posters.  This must have meant his association with Winchester City football club was nearly beginning its’ seventh decade and his service with the club was rewarded with the title of Life President.


Terry though was also a main focal point for people wanting to begin their association with the club and was welcoming to all who attended games.  In 2004 he was the contact point for people wanting to attend the F A Vase final involving Winchester and I remember meeting up with him on the day and although at the time of the game I was Press Officer of Eastleigh football club his love for Winchester football shone through.


When in 2015 I started to see Winchester on a regular basis it was reassuring to know that the President was someone I knew and when I came to the home match against Cinderford him, his wife and others gave me a good welcome.


It is sad that in 2018 both Winchester and Eastleigh have lost their Life Presidents in the last year with a combined total of over 130 years selfless devotion to the cause.  Terry though despite his illness never lost any of his enthusiasm for the club, football and life in general and will be sorely missed by everyone at Winchester football club and the footballing community as a whole.  The Mangotsfield United website acknowledged that he was a man who made friends wherever he went.  I am also sure that everyone associated with Winchester football club will want to pass on their condolences to his wife Lyn and the rest of his family.


On a personal note one of the biggest compliments he paid me was a year ago when he stated the way I reacted to seeing my horse win its’ race provided for him the highlight of a successful race night.


Malcolm Clarke







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