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US Portsmouth 0 - 3 WInchester City

on Sun 21 Aug

Saturday 20th August 2016
FA Cup Preliminary Round
US Portsmouth 0-3 Winchester City
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USP couldn't repeat their heroics of the last round when they beat Melksham. This was a bigger ask of them, and did indeed look like a Step 6 v 4 clash for long periods. Winchester looked comfortable pretty much throughout and only some dogged defending and poor finishing kept them to 3. The first came after about 20 minutes and even then was blocked on the line a couple of times before being finally stabbed home. It was nearly half time when the second arrived from a free header on the 6 yard line finishing a deep cross into the box,

A similar pattern ensued in the second half but only the one more goal, a penalty which was close to the edge of the box but the referee wasn't interested in going to inspect the various stud marks and divots despite the pleas of the home defenders. Winchester also hit the post with a fine lob from long range. USP kept plugging away but I really can't remember the visitors keeper having to make a genuine save all game.

The Victory Stadium was looking in good nick on a sunny but very windy day. We only had one shower during the game though which was a relief. The pitch is a bit distant with the track in between, but the elevation gives a good view of proceedings, and the solid nature provided good respite against the wind which was at our backs going across the pitch. The grass looked good and played well, with clear evidence of recent re-turfing in the goals and centre. And despite the ref playing quite a few minutes over, and there were a few injuries in the second half, I still made to 17.10 from the town station which rapidly filled up at Fratton station, and they were at least in jovial mood.






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