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We need your help

on Thu 5 Mar

The weather has decimated our season and revenue streams have gone as a result. We need your help!

Non-League football has suffered this winter with the multiple storms that have battered the UK. These have caused regular postponements which affect the finances of non-league football clubs. Winchester City Football Club are another club that has endured a winter of difficulty. We have had an incredible 12 matches postponed so far this season.

Crowds are always at their biggest on a Saturday afternoon at 3pm and unfortunately these fixtures have been rare for us this season.

The stop/start nature of the season has made it challenging to maintain support - with supporters not sure if games are going to go ahead, constant changing of dates and regular midweek games rather than weekend football. It has made it challenging for Craig and his players as they have very rarely had opportunities to build momentum, but considering that, they have had a fantastic season so far.

We would really value and appreciate any support that you can provide the football club. Any money raised goes directly to the day-to-day running of the football club, which has itself been a challenge this season.


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