Winchester City 1-3 CirencesterTown




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Winchester City 0-1 Yate Town

on Sat 17 Nov

I can be assed to :), we were superb today! Worked extremely hard on Thursday at a change of our shape we have been playing mainly this season, produced a very good display with the exception of the 1 thing that football does revolve around and that’s a finish!! Easy to point a finger at Ty and Oli as main culprits, however I wouldn’t swap them for any I’ve seen in the league this year, neither are the finished article in any way but I will back them against anyone who wants to have a pop at them all day long! 

We had Carr and Gilbert missing due to work, plus Harfield struggling with illness, he pushed through though for me! 

First half they had some of the play but mainly long balls into their CM Peare who pushes up as we had worked on... we dealt with that and caused them the problems down the sides as we planned to, created several unbelievable chances but came in 0-0! 

2nd half was literally all us with chance after chance going begging! We lost Josh to a horrible cut to his eye, we shuffled the pack though and it was more of the same! We have all watched enough football to know a sting in the tail can happen and it did! A horrible conceded goal and we somehow went from a game we had to win, to losing it, a very cruel outcome! 

Credit to league leaders Yate, however if they are top then we know we are not a million miles away, we will be doing all we can to get it right, we don’t have the ability to throw money at it and so we have to build it and believe me listening to the lads afterwards they are hurting but all proud to play for this club and with their team mates! 

Roll on the next game! A few will be back but injury concerns over a few now which is far from ideal! 

Up the citizens! 







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