Winchester City 1-3 CirencesterTown




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Winchester City 3-0 Fleet Town

on Sat 30 Mar

Good win for us and a big case of job done in the end, at this stage it’s all about getting the result and that’s what we have done. To walk off 3-0 winners and controlling the game throughout and feel slightly deflated shows how far this team has come, delighted to get the result and we move on! 

We made a couple of changes to the last few games, bringing Geordie in at right back for Joe Hayward who had been abroad all week until this morning with work, plus Rob Carr came in for IK Hill against his old team.

From the outset the game had a pattern of us having all of the possession against a stubborn defence who played very deep, on a very dry and bouncy pitch. We moved the ball around well but not quickly enough and so didn’t open them up as many times as we would have liked, we did have countless corners and possession around their box we just lacked that killer pass, we had to go in level at the break.

We made a change with Joe Hayward coming in for Graham who is a more attacking full back and with them not coming forward much, we felt that would have an impact. We told them at the break that we had to be patient, keep believing and not force the issue, eventually their frustration without the ball got the better of them and a kick out resulted in a red card, which only resulted in them playing even deeper. We made a couple more changes with Ty coming on for Carr to get another striker on the pitch, plus David Jerrard an attacking CM for a more defensive CM in Gilbert. It had an almost instant impact with Ty curling a free kick in which is what he does!! Absolute lethal goal scorer and vitally important player to us! We just needed that goal to open the game up, floodgates would always open once we scored 1... Cookie then curled a great finish for 2-0 and then Baz finished well for 3-0! We will have to be content with 3 although we had so much of the play you would like to have scored a few more. 

So that’s 35 out of 42 points we have picked up now, I am so proud of all of the group and staff for this run, which is truly incredible! We now have 6 of the toughest possible fixtures remaining, getting in the play offs would be a monumental achievement and we still have so much to do, however this run has given us a chance and we can all enjoy the last few games after what has been a brilliant season! 

One other thing, ill discipline has cost teams against us recently, it’s no coincidence that Fleet won the fair play league in my last season there, we won it last year and are 2nd this year! We will not tolerate ill discipline, credit to the lads who are not wall flowers that’s for sure but know where the line is, so important to avoid needless suspension or going down to 10 men regularly! Important we keep that up at all times. 

Next up we have champion chasing Yate next Saturday, as tough a game as you could have but what a great chance to go and play against a side under more pressure than we are for once. We will train hard and come up with a plan to tackle that challenge.

Well done to all the boys, proud of them all, also a big thanks to my staff who are as good as I could wish for in terms of support of me and to prepare our players, i couldn’t be without any of them. Certain things happen in games that make you so thankful for the people I have surrounded myself with, everything we do we try to do with dignity and they are all top class! I share any praise of the players and myself with them every time, I make no apologies for boring anyone in saying it! :) 

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